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Schedule Now Posted

The reading schedule is now available through this link or the header bar above. A downloadable version for iCal and other calendar programs is also available. The schedule starts in November, so if it appears blank please advance the month to see the entries. We will be covering roughly one chapter per week, with discussions about each section during that time-frame. The first two weeks are from the “Preliminary Views” section of the fifth edition. This version of the book is the favored one by virtue of the cost (free), and convenience of a downloadable PDF.

Also, Dr. Weiss has another excellent article out about Isaac Ray, this time focusing on the role of the expert witness. Ray’s views are illustrated by an example case of a nine year old charged with the beating and mutilation of another boy. From the article:

>The case represents a snapshot of lawyers, doctors, and a judge struggling with admissibility thresholds for medical testimony and Ray’s quality concerns about what kinds of testimony would be helpful to the trier of fact.

A PDF copy of the article is available here.

Some Pre-reading

The virtual reading group is on-track to start after the October AAPL meeting in Miami. Until then, here are some readings to provide background.

Update: Dr. Weiss has kindly provided 2 more articles.

Preliminary Scheduling

At this point, a possible preliminary schedule is that the group will read one chapter per week starting November 2007. Please sound off in the comments section if you have other ideas or suggestions. Depending on which edition we use, and the chapter, that means reading roughly 10-30 pages per week. If you have a suggestion about which edition would be best, please feel free to comment about that as well. At this point, the freely available online editions seem like the best choice. The downside is that they are somewhat longer than the earlier editions, and, per the 1962 Harvard press edition, don’t contain much more conceptual information. The 1962 Harvard press edition is a reprint of the original first edition with addenda that contain the changes made to the fifth and final revision. From that point of view, it is both complete and concise. This would be ideal if everyone can locate a copy, but the online editions seem to be the clear front-runners for price and availability.

For those of you concerned about finding a copy of Isaac Ray’s book, please see this Google site for several scans:

Google Books – Isaac Ray M.D.

The scans are free, and include the entire contents of the book.


Welcome to Lobes and Robes. More content is on the way. Please check back soon for more information about the virtual reading group for Isaac Ray’s A Treatise on the Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity.

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